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When I decided to propose to my fiancé in Cabo, I knew that it was going to be very difficult for me to plan anything while I was there. I also knew that I wanted someone to capture the moment. I immediately thought of Zach, because I knew that I could absolutely count on him not only to capture the moment beautifully but also to creatively plan out every detail with excellence! He certainly did not disappoint! The second that I approached him, he began researching the best spots, contacting venues, and even landscaping companies to plan out how to write out the bible passage that I wanted written in the sand! His preparation and attention to detail were almost too much for a big picture, last second kind-of guy like myself. (ha ha)
I found great comfort in knowing that all I had to do was show up with Ashleigh and get down on one knee. Unfortunately, all of the planning in the world could not have prevented the unusually high tide that evening. However when disaster struck and washed away our plans, Zach did not panic. Instead, he went to great lengths to find a box of permanent markers in a foreign country and wrote the passage on a giant boulder on the beach. And it turned out so much better!! No matter how great our plans were for that day, God had a better plan that was carried out by His faithful and extremely creative servant, Zach! The pictures speak for themselves, but if anyone knew the amount of work that Zach put into making that moment happen they would appreciate them exponentially more! Thank you Zach for creating and capturing the moment of a lifetime that we will forever treasure!

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