Stefan & Janelle

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Stefan: I loved Janelle first because of her love for Jesus that I saw right from the start. I’ve never met a girl so spiritually solid and trustworthy. After meeting Janelle, I told myself I never wanted to be without her.

Janelle: I’ve never met a man who shows the kindness and gentleness side of Jesus like Stefan. I saw very quickly how tender of a heart he has and adored how much he genuinely loves others. Seeing Jesus through him in those qualities was captivating.

When it comes to taking pictures both of us feel very uncomfortable. We appreciated so much that right from the start Zach made us feel relaxed and told us exactly what to do in order to get the perfect shot. It was so nice being able to relax knowing with full confidence that he wasn’t going to walk away without pictures of us that we would love.

Our favorite part of having Zach be our photographer is that we both simply smile just thinking about him being there on our wedding day. Having someone with such joy and laughter, and who genuinely loves love take our pictures on that important day makes us both so happy. There are many things we’re worried about not going smoothly on that day, but having incredible photos and laughing and smiling the whole time is definitely not one of them.

Stefan & Janelle




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