The Photographers

Zach Wathen


Zach Wathen brings creative energy to all aspects of his work, whether it’s photography, painting, or graphic art. His energy transcends all modalities of his artistic nature and he strives to bring that energy to his potential client. Zach discovered his love of art and his ability to appreciate symmetry and color in his High School years where he started to interact with family and friends on a creative level. From fashion magazines to poetry, Zach Wathen became a very well rounded individual in all the artistic realms.

This catapulted him into the arts as a way of expressing himself, bringing beauty to the world and making a living out of what he loves. His keen eye for new unique looks is both captivating and contagious. He is truly an individual that strives for exceptional work above satisfaction.

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Stefanie Vinsel


Stefanie Vinsel is a Midwest chick, currently living and dreaming in Los Angeles. She recently road tripped from her home in Columbus, OH to California in pursuit of a career in photography and video. Stef has a major heart for people, she has used her adventurous nature to bring exciting perspectives to each frame. Being with her for more than five minutes is putting yourself at serious risk of having a new best friend. There is no question about it, your personality will shine bright around her light. It is a fact that when you are with Stef you will have fun. In a recent article Stef said she wouldn't change a thing, "the life of Mexican food, English Tea, and Living by the ocean is more than enough for me." Her zeal and charisma for life is refreshing.

She has a degree in the study of Audio/Video & Film production but her creativity is driven from within. Her travels have developed her dynamic style through real life experiences. Her recent excursions are filled with exploits in Uganda, India, a summer in the state of Washington, and half a year in HAWAII. her time spent traveling, meeting new people, and listening to their stories has inspired her to begin producing images and films that move people; the kind that create twinkles in one's eye, little flutters in every heart, and smiles on each face with the hope that this world becomes a more joy-filled place to live.